Building the City of the Future

Building the City of the Future
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If you want to create more jobs, build a new city. Not just any city. Start building the city of the future that is the most efficient city possible. No cars allowed in the city. All mass transportation. All supplies arrive at stores via rail. Trucks off load supplies outside city limits. For example, you may want to relocate New Orleans to a location above sea level. Build a new city and level the old city. Or maybe the population demands a new city in a new location all together. Check out similar project in Chengdu, China, where a 78 million square foot site has been set aside for a city built from scratch, for 80,000 people, none of whom will need a car to get around. The “Great City” is a plan for an urban center designed to limit its residents’ environmental impact by producing clean energy, reducing waste, and promoting public transportation over individual cars. Half the road space will be reserved for non-motorized traffic, and electric shuttles will get people to where they cannot or do not want to walk. Why can’t the U.S. do the same?

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