Are Environmentalists Missing the Smoking Gun on Pollution?

Are Environmentalists Missing the Smoking Gun on Pollution?
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Why are we still burning firewood without any smog controls at all?

We seem to forget that there are way TOO MANY of us earthlings burning firewood, crop wastes, ranch clearings with fire permits from governments, etc. Some environmentalists are trying to argue that firewood is not a sequestered carbon source meaning that it has a short life cycle unlike coal which was trapped in the crust for zillons of years. I think environmentalists have lost touch with reality as far as carbon is concerned. Smoke is not healthy to inhale, period! Otherwise, we should enforce far stricter air pollution regulations on fireplaces, wood stoves, crop wastes, ranch clearings than present.

We are still too easy on firewood. They should not be treated any differently than automobiles, diesel trucks, coal power plants, smokestack industries, etc. Soot and particulates float and end up lodged deep into everyone’s lungs. No wonder our healthcare costs soar! Medicare is going broke and no financial wand can fix that until we start fixing the disgusting firewood smoke and related sources like crop wastes and ranch clearing burnings right away.

What are the environmentalists really thinking? Forget sequestered carbon — all carbon is the same. Ban them all! Every bit helps! Money talks!

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