Alternative: Don’t Fuel the Oil Fire

Alternative: Don’t Fuel the Oil Fire
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I suggest that we as a nation move away from our current oil mind-set, and not fight the enemy, as your article on Facebook suggests.’ve-killed-osama-bin-laden-let’s-kill-oil/ A valuable commodity will always become increasingly move valuable, as its availability becomes scarce. Think of our planet as a deserted island that we find ourselves marooned on. While on this island, we humans could divide into groups and fight for the limited food and wood resources, or we can unite to search for new solutions.

We cannot abruptly eliminate oil from our lives here in the US, but there are some immediate things we can do short term, as we develop more sustainable long term energy sources. A cold turkey withdrawal does our society no good, as we do not yet have solutions in place. However, more actions to immediately conserve should be taken, and lifestyle changes must be “learned”.

Calling the region where oil resides “the enemy” is not helpful because it blames someone else for our current problem. It is we that have to find our own new solutions, as we seek and develop new sustainable renewable energy sources. If we don’t… then our future will end along with that of fossil fuels.

The United States needs to find its own solutions, and not depend on others for the valuable resources we cannot live without. Just as we have heard about our food, “buy locally”, so to must we “develop locally” our future sources of energy.

We must ensure a strong future for our children, because it’s the right thing to do; not because we are waging battle against the oil regions of the world.

Let’s get selfish and do it for us… and our children!

Do we need a better reason that this?

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