A Revolutionary Scooter

A Revolutionary Scooter
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Don Dunklee has created a scooter that can really reinvent the way we get around! He is about to return to Mott Community College and U of M Flint’s Earth Day this year. He gives talks on his scooter and the potential for living off the grid.

In addition to my scooter, probably the only street legal licensed and insured solar powered scooter in the world, I am working on a larger, 3 wheeled version that will be capable maintain safer road speeds under the motorcycle class. (scooter is moped class).

I am also working on a solar charged thermoelectric water condenser to water garden plants, condensing the water from the ambient air around the unit. The size will be like placing a sunflower in the ground next to a prized plant and provide water at no cost to produce. The water will be a constant low feed trickle. This will take the water from the air around the unit, condense it (look under your car the next time your air conditioner is running). The goal is to make them about the size of many of the solar charged yard lights everyone is now purchasing. Bringing the cost to under $20. per unit so everyone could use. An additional application would be producing water for drinking with larger solar powered units.

Problem, too much herbicide used in our world creating pollution and medical problems. Solution:
Working on a solar charged robotic field cultivator cultivator to travel up and down rows, cultivation the crops automatically. The unit, dubbed “Ladybug” would recognize the plants and weeds and keep itself aligned between the rows by recognizing crop plants and weeds. “Ladybug” will turn around and follow the next row back and forth until the entire field is done, then start over, keeping the weeds at bay. Hygrometers would stop operation when the field is too wet. This would be great for organic and conventional farmers with a labor and chemical reduction thusly created. This would also create a circumstance where GMO (genetically engineered plants) would not be necessary as mechanical week control is safer than chemical.

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