A Human’s Place

A Human’s Place
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If we did not have human beings, we would not have any problems. Nature will keep itself in balance at all times. The fact that we human beings are here and the fact we have a problem is an indication that we collectively do not understand that we are part of nature.

We have to take another look at nature. The most common thing through out nature is a process. We need to understand that everything is an entity. Every entity has a process. Every process has a product. When we look at life we see the result of this process and production. When we look at human beings we see problems with the process and the production.

We need to re-think how we look at human beings and understand that the basic unit of society is not the individual, but the family, and that the best entity for processing and producing components to produce more and better family units is the family itself.

Until society as a whole look at strengthening the family, we human beings will not have enough mature units to provide the resources to solve our problems. Right now we spend trillions of dollars on defective products.

At this stage in our problem solving, we need as many entities as we can get, to get on board becoming more efficient at attacking this problem. We need more problem solving production from where ever we can get it right now. Everyone has to be part of the soultion right now. But we have to also think of the immdiate future. We have to start producing productive units. We need to get involved with institutions that are already available to help strengthen the family unit, such as the “PTA”(k-12 formative years),the “Neighborhood Watch”(the village), and local chamber of commerce(the market place).

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