气温持续升高,地球将会怎样(What will happen if temperature keep rising)

I'm a Chinese student .I have translated a Chinese author‘s article into English.I'm not good at English.I hope you can understand what she said. 气温持续升高,地球将会怎样(What will...
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I’m a Chinese student .I have translated a Chinese author‘s article into English.I’m not good at English.I hope you can understand what she said.

气温持续升高,地球将会怎样(What will happen if temperature keep rising)

作者 宗雯


According to the measurement taken by scientists,the global temperature will rise 2℃ in 20 years if the emission of greenhouse gas still keep its speed. It will lead to disastrous results of which is on many aspects such as social development and human history.Here is some words which can tell us the catastrophe we will meet when the temperature has risen. These words were given by studying thousands of scientific files .

气温升1℃,美国粮仓变大漠(1 ℃ was risen,American “granary” became a wide desert)


South America is the “granary” of US.if the global temperature rise 1 ℃, the “granary” will become a wide desert,with the people who are forced to leave there.The hottest place,the Sahara ,will probably become moist.Snow and ice on the Alps will all melt.Great Barrier Reef in Australia will die entirely.

气温升高2℃,1/3的动植物消亡(2 ℃…..,one third of animals and plants will die out)


If the global temperature rises 2 ℃,large area of crop failure,depletion of water resource,rapid spread of disease,Sea Level Rise and many bad result will appear to see.The ice sheet of Greenland will totally melt so that the Sea Level will rise 7 meters.one third of animals and plants will die out because of the weather change and 100 million people will suffer from water scarcity,with the extinction of most coral in the world at the same time.

气温升高3℃,气候彻底失控( 3℃..!the climate completely lose its control )


It is a momentous “turning point” when the temperature rises 3 ℃ because if it happens , it means we can not control the global warming,and humans can do nothing to retrieve the change of global temperature. Ocean circulation will stop ,and the global climate will become extremely unstable.Some regions will likely to be quite cold.

气温升高4℃ ,人类口粮吃紧 (4℃..!!humans’ grain ration(provisions) tightened)


It will be a disaster for most of regions on earth if the temperature rise 4℃.Meanwhile,all the ice sheet of Arctic Ocean will melt into a vase sea,with the extermination of Arctic bear and many other animals which live in low-temperature environment.There will be a big affect on Antarctica’s ice sheet.The ice sheet of West Antarctica will separate from continent,finally lead to Sean Level.and the coastal area will be swallowed up by sea water again.

气温上5℃~6℃,95%的物种灭绝 (if the temperature rises 5℃~6℃, 95% of species can not survive)


In case the temperature rises 5℃~6℃,green broad-leaf will reappear in Canadian Arctic Circle,the same thing will happen in Antarctic hinterland.However,because,most of land which is in flooding makes animals and plants can not survive,and 95% of spevies will die out.The earth will face a extremely terrible catastrophe like the large prehistorical extinction.


When Cop15 was held,lots of demonstrations were organized in many countries in Europe.In Britain,Germany,France,masses of people put forward that developed countries should promise to reduce carbon emission on a large scale ,showing their concerns of climate change.No one can keep himself(herself) out of the big issue of climate change.IN fact ,many of the people around us alter their lives in order to help protect out environment.So the words”LC(low-carbon)” has become quite a lot people’s “keyword”.

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