Audio: Planning

Audio: Planning

Time to take out that pen and paper again and brainstorm!

Why are you telling this story? Why is it important?

Now write that down and keep it somewhere you can see as you work on your story.


Audio stories, or podcasts, are similar to videos but you must convey everything through sound. You do not have the luxury of the visual to show people the farm, you have to use the sounds of the farm and words. 

Outline your story!

Here is a rough draft outline of an audio story I’m working on. For each scene I thought about the voices I would hear and the sounds I need to add context to each scene.

audio outline.jpg

Some questions to think about:

Think about your story in scenes. What scenes will you have? What sounds do you need to set the context of each scene?

What people do you want to interview?

What natural sounds will you need to capture to help the listener feel as though they are there with you?

Do you need narration to add context and tie the story together? 

Think about your story as a whole. What sounds will make the story complete?



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