Written: the Interview

Written: the Interview

Write this down!

If you could interview anyone, who would it be?

What would be the first thing you ask?


The art of the pre-interview

The pre-interview is a conversation you have with your subject before you sit down to film the interview for your video.

What if they only speak in technical and scientific terms? You won’t be able to use any quotes if they are just fact based, emotion and passion is the key to great quotes.

When pre-interviewing do not ask the exact same questions as you will ask in the actual interview, and do not provide the subject with your list of questions ahead of time. I usually just give them an outline of the topics I will cover.

You want to allow the interview to sound more conversational and less like they are reading a script of pre-written answers.

Asking good questions

Before going into an interview, do your research! Research your interview subject, research what you’re going to ask them about and pre-interview your subject. This is the most important part.

Bring a list of questions to use a guide for the interview but do not feel as if you need to stick to it! If they say something that surprises you, voice that, ask follow up questions, challenge them on their beliefs and convictions. It makes for a more interesting interview.