Submit a Pitch

Current undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to submit story pitches to Planet Forward.

Submitting a pitch is the fastest way to get in touch with our editors! This is an easy way to see if your story idea aligns with what we’re looking for.


Submit a Pitch

Tips on how to pitch

Pitches should be brief and include information on timeliness, conflict, and character.

Please make sure to:

  • Identify an environmental problem and solution
  • Include at least one primary source data point that reveals the seriousness of this problem
  • Include a breakdown of who the characters/sources are
  • Include a brief account of any progress regarding reaching out to the necessary interviewees/any issues regarding access to them
  • Describe the format/style/medium(s) you wish to tell the story through and why that choice makes sense for your topic (e.g. text, multi-media, video, podcast)
  • Describe the impact/importance of this story and who your audience is (note that generally our audience is one of your peers, but you could narrow this to be more specific)

Please include your full name, university, and major in your message. Pitches can be emailed to