Your Tuesday Tip: Go Meatless — Sometimes

Your Tuesday Tip: Go Meatless — Sometimes
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Meatless Monday has become a more common phrase to many on the topic of sustainability. It has been confirmed that skipping meat once a week has a positive impact on the planet, especially if everyone participates. Here are some tips and recipes so good they will cut your meat cravings and add sweet satisfaction to your meatless experiments!

  • Nuts are packed with protein and pair well with anything. Stir some into your breakfast yogurt for a quick, simple and filling breakfast. Or, expand your culinary skills and turn ground almonds into this faux feta cheese snack. Check out the Vegetarian Times for more ideas for nut dishes and protein laden garnishes.

  • Avocados are heavy with fiber, monounsaturated fats and antioxidants, so they are naturally a perfect option for breakfast. They are highly versatile as they can become a spreadsmoothiebaking dish and even the main dish. They excel as a protein source later in the day too, lending magic to salads and dips. You can even grill them.

  • When in doubt, granola, cereal or a plain bagel with cream cheese is a great meat-free option. Remember, you can try an avocado spread on that bagel.

  • Craving comfort food? Feed yourself with this fix: an easy and tasty grilled cheese. Pair it with this delicious soup for something even more savory.

  • Many people like a big, filling dinner. You don’t have to give that up for Meatless Monday. This is an opportunity to pull out that lasagna or try some delicious eggplant parmesan (I personally tried this recipe and it is a must-try).

  • Want to get the smoky taste of the grill? Try these portobello cutlets (hint: you can slide these on buns and call them “burgers” too). You also can use portobello mushrooms to make a mean quesadilla.

If you can overlook the product plug, you’ll find some more information on having a successful meatless whatever-day-of-the-week-you-choose (cause let’s be honest, it doesn’t have to be Monday) on this company’s blog

(Photo at top: You won’t miss your regular sushi fix with this protein-packed quinoa maki with avocado and Cajun portobello fillets. This spicy sushi recipe is from The Conscious Cook. / Photo by Belinda/miscdebris via Flickr)

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