Where’s My Inhaler?

Where’s My Inhaler?

Muhammad Zayan Agha

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After moving to Boston, MA from Lahore, Pakistan in 2023 to pursue a Master’s Degree in film and explore the intersection of sustainability and storytelling at Emerson College, I realized the actual disadvantage of people who are living in places at the forefront of the climate crisis.  

Boston, despite being a metropolitan city, has a significantly better air quality than any big city in Pakistan. Living without the need for an inhaler for the first time in my life opened up so many perspectives for me which I never even thought of when I was making films about climate change back in Pakistan. But some of these perspectives gave me more anxiety than hope.

In “Where’s My Inhaler” I explore my relationship with my family ever since I have moved west and open up to my own guilt of breathing fresh air.

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