Using Adhesives to Prevent Ocean Pollution

Using Adhesives to Prevent Ocean Pollution
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In the world’s oceans, there are islands of plastic made from microscopic granuals as well as much larger pieces floating on the surface of water. These islands negatively impact all forms of life, many of which are consumed by humans as sources of food.

My idea is based on the use of an adhesive product that collects these harmful particles into one large mass. I tested an adhesive spray from 3M in a fish tank that contained granuals of plastic and rubber floating on the water’s surface. These granuals variedĀ from microscopic size to larger pieces. With the help of the adhesive product, the wave motion of the tank’s water caused the floating particles to join together and form a large mass. Eventually, there were no tiny particles left–only the large mass of joined particles! If this adhesive could be applied in areas of our oceans that have plastic particles, it may be much easier to rid them of the pollution. A larger mass of particles would be much easier to dispose of and would have a tremendous benefit on the ocean.

Potentially, I hope to engage 3M and other companies that produce adhesive sprays and show them how their products could help clean up our oceans.

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