Transforming Bio-Waste Into Everyday Products

Transforming Bio-Waste Into Everyday Products
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Natural Composites, Inc. (NCI) is passionate about transforming bio-waste into everyday products. From research facilities located in the Research Valley at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX, we focus on developing composite applications utilizing plentiful, useful and commercially viable renewable resources – like coconuts.

Every year 67 million tons of coconuts are harvested for natural sports drinks and food products; however, this also produces large amounts of agricultural waste. NCI has embraced the opportunity to turn renewables into automotive parts in your vehicle and consumer goods sold at your local retailer!

By focusing on natural composites, NCI facilitates finding natural, renewable alternatives to petroleum-based synthetic materials. With NCI’s special processing, coconut shells can be ground into a fine powder and used as a functional filler in a multitude of plastic parts. Above and beyond reducing petroleum content, the coconut material actually increases mechanical performance. That’s why we call our coconut shell powder a functional filler. It works great in thermoplastic and thermoset applications providing great dispersion and less wear and tear on machines.

Additionally, production facilities in developing countries provide natural economic stimulus to workers by finding higher value-added applications for bio-waste streams. NCI is committed to dignity of workers, improving safety and opportunity.

Most conversations about bio-materials begin with research alone without a plausible business case, with unclear material benefits, and without a functional supply chain. NCI’s coconut products provide equivalent or better cost solutions that increase material properties and can be sourced for quality, traceability and scale. Perhaps most exciting, coconuts are only the beginning; natural waste streams exist around the globe, and NCI looks forward to finding solutions that incorporate renewables into products used every day!


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