From the ground up: Texas cotton farmer prioritizes regenerative practices

Cotton farmer Jeremy Brown discusses the six principles of regenerative farming that can also maximize profits for Texas farms.

Emma Montgomery

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In West Texas, the scorching hot sun beats down on the dry, never-ending landscape. Prone to drought, the susceptible land endures 100-degree days with little to no relief of rainfall.

Yet, Lubbock, Texas and the surrounding areas are known as the largest cotton patch in the country, and the Lone Star State proudly produces 42% of the country’s cotton. A crop used primarily for textile products like blue jeans, cotton is responsible for clothing people worldwide while also providing livelihoods millions of agriculturists.

Jeremy Brown has been in this industry his entire life. He has seen the impacts of climate change all around him and implemented the six principles of soil health to improve his crop from the ground up. 

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