System 1: Smart Greywater Recycling System

System 1: Smart Greywater Recycling System
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System 1 is a self-contained fully functional greywater collection, processing and disbursement system. The system runs on greywater collected from the house’s laundry system, bathtub/shower drains and rainwater. The system supplies filtered water to the house’s landscaping irrigation system as well as filtered and sanitized flush water to the house’s toilets. The system is managed by a central Control Module which monitors and runs the various system components and controls the house’s irrigation system. The Control Module also makes sure that the toilets are never without flush water and also protects the irrigation against under and over-watering. The internal and external plumbing also allows for the system to be completely bypassed in the event of power failure or the introduction of undesirable contaminants into the greywater source stream.

At this time I would like to introduce myself. My name is Francesco Dorigo and I have designed a Smart Greywater Recycling System and I would like the opportunity to set up a meeting with you to discuss implementing this installation and use. Water is a precious commodity, and all of our neighbors (Northern California, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and our own Agriculture) do not want to part with any more. I am also a Property Owner. (Personal and Rentals)
With the rising cost of water I took a Good Hard Look for alternative approaches, in order to contain costs and keep my properties lush and green.
I have done extensive research for water-recycling products and found them not only unreliable, but most definitely not cost effective.
With this being said, I have embarked on a grey-water recycling enterprise. As a conscientious Businessman, I have researched and developed a full scale Business Plan. Much to my surprise, I found the need of water to be of vital importance for our area. Water is a precious commodity, and all of our neighbors (Northern California, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and our own Agriculture) do not want to part with any more from their present quotas. The conclusion to this scenario is: We cannot make more water, but we can Re-Use It!
I have engineered and patented an Appliance that recycles grey-water for the home use. A prototype is in place and performing beautifully. This Appliance filters and sanitizes water from: tubs, showers and washing machines and feeds the toilets and the remainder irrigates the lawns (subsurface). This will reduce water usage in a home by 30% to 60%, depending on factors such as: number of people, yard size, and geographical area and of course resident’s habits.
This new Enterprise is a job creator. Plans are conservatively predicting over 1,000 new jobs for the area in the next three years, and over 10,000 new jobs nationwide in the next five years. (Manufacturing, plumbing, landscaping, Sales & Marketing)
The Success of my Enterprise will help meet and probably exceed the water restriction (cutbacks) mandated by the State. In view of this effort on my part, I am asking your cooperation to allow grey-water re-use in your City, facilitate permits and minimize fees for installations.

This is a unique opportunity that will bring benefits to all parties committed to the cause.
. We will save water
. Financial Savings to Homeowners
. Less Taxing to the Environment
. Less burden on infrastructures (water delivery, sewers, black-water processing).
. City water allotments will be better able to serve Residents.
. Minimize pollution, soap/detergent bio-degrade into fertilizer (nitrates, phosphates).
. Bring much needed new job opportunities to the area, NB: not in China
I would be delighted to meet/speak with you and further reveal my plan. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Your support is needed to help make this happen in YOUR Community!

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