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A spike that is driven into any pavement (one every 12 inches). The spike contains an unpowered sensor that reacts with a sensor on the underside of any vehicle. Each vehicle sensor will know where the vehicle is, how fast it is going, distance between vehicles and their speeds, direction of travel. The spike can regulate the speed of the vehicle and other things about it. The spike can be driven into the pavement using a nail-gun and can be put in at the time of lane striping or marking well ahead of future activation of the system. The spikes can be used on private driveways, paved or unpaved trails, parking lots, airport runways or where ever they are needed or wanted. The spike can tell lawn mowers where to cut and how high. Spike can be overridden by shutting down the sensor. Driverless cars are coming in the next few years. This system can prevent accidents and save lives. The spikes can last for decades and be replaced just by driving a new spike.

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