Drowning in Smog, The Blight of New Dehli

Drowning in Smog, The Blight of New Dehli

(Sumita Roy Dutta/ Wikimedia Commons)

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I was doing research on the recent phenomena of smog and its effects on the people of India, specifically the New Delhi region of India because I believe it has variables pertinent to solving the current climate crisis. 

New Delhi is the Mecca of Indian civilization and is by far the highest populated city in India. their location makes them a target every year when the neighboring farmers burn their fields in order to prepare them for the next harvest. 

The byproduct of this process is smoke that follows the wind, a large amount of this pollution is blown into the city of New Delhi and becomes trapped by the surrounding topography. 

The two pollutants combine and make what is known as smog, much thicker air pollution that stubbornly refuses to leave the city. 

As a result, people are left with respiratory issues, lowered lung and heart capacity alongside everyday disturbances such as lowered visibility and obstruction of daily commutes. 

The only way for the smog to be cleared is for rains to clear them out, leaving citizens at the mercy of the weather.

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