Salinas Natural Parks: A personal short story

Low lying mountains lie in the distance across a large bay. The water is a distinct pink color as a result of the salt content.

A place that holds many memories: The Salinas Pink Salt Lagoon. (fazeful/Istock license)

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By Jonathan Montero Vidal
Republished in partnership with The Greenzine

Literally meaning “Salinas Beach,” Playa Salinas is located in the southwest part of the Dominican Republic. It is on a small peninsula, called Calderas Peninsula, that shoots out of the island into the Caribbean Sea creating the “Bahia de la Calderas” (or Calderas Bay). Not only is this a special beach that holds a great cultural history for the people from the Peravia Providence, but it is also a place where I was able to create meaningful memories that are an important part of my childhood and my family.

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