Replace Home Windows with Eco-Safe Top Slider Windows

Replace Home Windows with Eco-Safe Top Slider Windows
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The Eco-safe Top Slider Window safely allows air to circulate indoors. This window can be safely left open during the daytime and cool nighttime hours, totally cutting down the use of air conditioning in the warm spring, autumn, and summer months. The slightly veriable top slider opening measures approximatly 15″x19″, making it too small for intruder entry. Heat rises, and the top slider window uses this constant to allow the heat to escape and cool off any interior space bounded by top slider windows. I live in southern California and I can maintain my electric bill at $10-$13 per month. Only when it remains in the 90’s for several days do I have to make use of air conditioning.
I designed then special-ordered this design through Milgard windows and having lived in New York City for many years, I know that this design would be very suitable and safe for the high-rise living there.

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