Rebuilding with Magma

Rebuilding with Magma
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Magma occurs all over the world in and under the continents and oceans and erupts into the oceans and out of the mountains. It is still active after eons of time indicating a central heating system that for our purposes will continue to supply magma forever in some quantities. Magma can be made into slabs and subway pipe with conventional forms of steel. The pipe sections would be approximately 16 feet in diameter by 50 feet long sections with integral 1 foot ledges on the inside of the pipe supporting the cushioned maglev track. The track is to be self-aligning to allow very high speeds. Sound dampening can produce silent rides. The speeds at any given section and time is set automatically for safe travel. Engineers at back up control panels can handle any emergencies.
PLANET FOREWORD asks me, Lou Watson If I would care to post a question?
My question is, why has magma never been used as a building material? As I type this, magma has been running into the ocean in Chile and many of the South sea islands. Within the year, there was an eruption in Iceland worth untold billions of dollars if converted into usable building materials. When I talked to their leaders , they could not imagine using their own small resources to develop a magma industry where the magma has been flowing independently forever, and would save them financially. The same applies to the U.S. and the world. Very possibly, if we start a dialog at Planet Forward, which hasn’t existed all that long. the magma that has existed since the beginning of time will finally find it’s place in history! Incidentally, heat energy does not propagate through magma or rock as electric current flows through metal, so it is not efficient to transfer energy from a hot vent to an engine. My thinking is to use the plasticity that it has in its present state to make the pipe above to create (inner space) for transportation up to a 1`,000 mph. Compared to most transportation projects funded in the U.S. , this is the best as the conditions are inner-outer space-low cost.


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