Patented Design For Eliminating Hurricanes

Patented Design For Eliminating Hurricanes
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An experimental proposal to reduce the devastation caused by hurricanes to humans and the environment.

An important part of any geo-engineering plan is the ability to turn it off. This method can be instantly turned off without any residual effects.

Atmospheric Oxygen Levels Fall As Carbon Dioxide Rises

Practical geo-engineering solutions must reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and in the process, increase the amount of oxygen we have to breath. Photosynthesis is an important part of the solution. It is the goal of this machine to change a hurricane into a tropical storm. It is not the goal of this machine to steer a hurricane away from one area into another.

This machine is designed to weaken hurricanes that are forecast to make landfall, hurricanes that are not forecast to make landfall should be left alone.


Hurricanes contribute to global warming in eight primary ways.

1.) Normally water evaporating from the ocean would cool the ocean but the high wind in a hurricane prevents this. The high wind creates a layer of spray, evaporation occurs in the layer of spray not in the ocean. The air in the spray zone is saturated with water vapor preventing almost all evaporation from the ocean. Also when the wind driven rain hit’s the ocean it explodes and turns into spray. Because of the high hurricane wind the cooling effect of evaporation happens above the ocean not in it.

2.) Hurricanes cause huge amounts of deforestation. The dead trees killed by hurricanes release their carbon to the atmosphere. Also trees are Earth’s natural shade. When hurricanes kill them it causes the earth to get hotter in the daytime then release the extra heat at night contributing to global warming. The dead trees killed by hurricanes don’t do any photosynthesis. Photosynthesis soaks up heat from sunlight, the trees also soak up carbon and water vapor from the atmosphere all of which contribute to global warming. (see the brief article at the bottom of this page )

3.) Hurricanes are the ultimate dehumidifier, the fuel for a hurricane is humid air. When hurricanes dehumidify the air it allows more sun to hit the ocean causing it to warm up. Humid air is a natural shade for the ocean. When the air in a hurricane eye wall rises, it dehumidifies, then it comes rushing down as a huge hot dry high pressure allowing the sun to bake the ocean unrestricted by the normally high humidity above it.

4.) A hurricane transfers energy from the hot humid air to the ocean through friction between the water and the wind. The big waves and the storm surge eventually turn into heat.

5.) The rain from a hurricane falling on the ocean causes the water to warm up. The massive amount of rain drops moving at a high velocity colliding with the ocean causes it to warm up.

6.) The waves, storm surge and rain from hurricanes cause massive amounts of erosion blocking sunlight to plankton. When plankton does not get enough sunlight it does not soak up heat and carbon and make oxygen. The sunlight that should go to the plankton gets soaked up by the dark muddy water making the ocean hotter than it should be. As a result less plankton and dead fish sink to the bottom of the ocean storing less carbon.

7.) Hurricanes wipe out huge areas of saltwater swamps. Saltwater swamps provide shade for the ocean, also saltwater swamps provide habitat for wild life. Bird droppings feed the plankton and plankton feed the fish.

8.) Hurricanes make huge waves. When sunlight hits a flat ocean, a lot of it is reflected back up. But when sunlight hits a big wave almost none of it is reflected. It all goes into the ocean heating it up.

It becomes a vicious cycle. Hurricanes heat the ocean, which causes more hurricanes that heat the ocean even more. The easiest solution to our global warming problem is to get rid of hurricanes.

This machine is patented (#7434524). This patent is for sale. Please contact me for details.

See a complete description of the invention at

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