Passive Solar at a City-Wide Scale, Starting with Hudson Yards, NYC

Passive Solar at a City-Wide Scale, Starting with Hudson Yards, NYC
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With the present major challenges to energy management (climate change + danger inherent to nuclear plants + instability in the oil producing middle-east + the Gulf oil spill, etc..etc….) it is essential to develop sustainable neighborhoods which will be:

  • specifically designed so as to integrate efficient passive solar concepts
  • and truly walkable, pedestrian friendly, with Jane Jacobs’s urban diversity and vibrant streets.

This is possible, desirable and necessary.

New-York needs affordable housing. From the purely economic point of view, with rising costs of energy in the very near future, the current development schemes, with glass towers in the super block park, which are being duplicated in China, India and everywhere else, will simply not provide affordable housing, since they do not integrate free, clean and renewable solar energy.

We are proposing a new way to design the Hudson Yards in NYC, which utilizes the benefits of solar passive heating and small blocks, a condition for urban diversity. This design accommodates the same density as the current proposal, but has a few advantages:

  • The diagonal grid allows to turn all of the dwellings towards the sun.
  • The piazzas and arcades will establish a pedestrian friendly scale.
  • The resulting carbon footprint will thus be much lighter.
  • See more information at: Sustainable City Project

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