Okussa: Shifting perspectives on climate change through dance

Screen grab from my short dance film, Okussa.

Moses Kizza

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Climate, Conservation

Climate change and its associated social upheavals are preoccupying people in all parts of the world. The effects of man-made changes on the climate are drastically influencing life and coexistence on this planet. In order to stop the continued destruction of the environment, we need to shift from an anthropocentric view of the world to a way of dealing with nature that regards all forms of life as equal. Many place great hope in the powers of science and technology, but to achieve real sustainability in dealing with nature, technology alone will not be enough. The problems of climate change can only be solved together and art can help. We believe that dance, as one of the most original forms of expression, has the potential to support this search for answers.

We would therefore like to ask ourselves: Is it possible that practicing such dances makes us more attentive to the needs of nature? Can dance teach us to pay more attention to our environment? And what could forms of contemporary dance look like that deal in new ways with our relationship to nature in all its facets?

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