Is This the Shower Head of the Future?

Is This the Shower Head of the Future?

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Nebia, a six-person startup company based in San Francisco, has created a water-conserving shower head that reduces 70 percent of water consumption when used, according to the company’s website.

This shower head uses advanced nozzles to atomize water under extreme pressure, which converts the liquid into very fine particles or droplets. By doing so, the shower head substitutes streams of water, such as an average shower head, for a misty cloud. This allows it to produce ten times the surface area of a normal shower, according to Nebia’s website.

Nebia says that on average, Americans take about eight minutes to shower. Typically, this uses about 20 gallons of water with a standard shower head. To combat this, Nebia incorporated technology used in aeronautical applications when producing this “breakthrough shower nozzle.” This advanced engineering and technology resulted in the shower head only using six gallons of water per average shower. Nebia has tested their revolutionary product on over 500 people, several large companies, including Equinox Gyms, Apple and Google, and even Stanford University campuses. The company even received funding from Timothy Cook, the chief executive officer of Apple Inc. 

Nebia’s shower, according to the website, “practically rains money.” To prove this fact, Nebia performed calculations to display the water, energy, and money savings that Americans would experience by using its shower head in major cities, such as New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami.

For example, in New York, there is an average of two daily showers per household for an average of about nine minutes. Water costs about $0.013 per gallon in New York. For a household that utilizes gas heating to warm their showers, it costs $1.007 per gallon. By using a Nebia shower head, this could save $226.62 per year, and about 43 days of heat for the average home. For a household that utilizes electric heating to warm their showers, it costs $0.202 per gallon. By using a Nebia shower head, this could save $602.94 per year, and about 74 days of power for the average home.  

Of course, the calculations don’t end here. Nebia also claims that, for an average New York household, their shower head also saves 183,960 glasses of drinking water per year.

As listed on their website, Nebia created their shower head to “fundamentally change the way people think about their relationship to water in their home,” while not drastically changing users’ showering habits or rituals. By using the Nebia shower head, users can shower as they always have, and save thousands of gallons of water per year while doing so.

With their innovation, as Nebia’s website claims: “Showering just become something you can wholeheartedly enjoy.”

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