Money does not stop pollution: Fighting for environmental rights in Arizona

Residents of Randolph, Arizona discuss the environmental impacts of power plants and industrial companies in their once thriving neighborhood.

A Film by: Valeria Angel, Gina Cattanach and Nasha Smith

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This documentary explores the decades-long environmental injustices that have plagued the historic Black community of Randolph in Central Arizona and their fight against the latest overtures from one of the state’s largest power plants. The once thriving area has been reduced to a near desolate dusty space, flanked by railroads and hazardous industrial companies, subjecting residents to compromised air quality and associated health problems. Randolph is emblematic of the systemic disparities that disproportionately affect vulnerable communities in the United States. “Money Does not Stop Pollution” showcases the lives and realities of the residents who continue to call Randolph, Arizona home and their quest to preserve the community’s legacy and secure its future. 

A film by: Valeria Angel, Gina Cattanach, and Nasha Smith.

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