Integrate Oscillation and Vibration into Cold Fusion Research Techniques

Integrate Oscillation and Vibration into Cold Fusion Research Techniques
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Here is the Cold Fusion Apparatus Mathmatical Proof that is current submitted to the USPTO office; the application number is 20100008461. In the Application, there is a predicted alternative embodiment of this invention, a solid core cold fusion device.

“Arata and Zhang demonstrated very successfully the generation of continuous excess energy [heat] from ZrO2-nano-Pd sample powders under D2 gas charging and generation of helium-4,” Takahashi told New Energy Times. “The demonstrated live data looked just like data they reported in their published papers [J. High Temp. Soc. Jpn, Feb. and March issues, 2008]. This demonstration showed that the method is highly reproducible.”

My Alternative embodiment used a crystal structure in the palladium core and the Electromagnetic Waves generated from the crystalline structure. Dr Arata Invention, uses pressurized Deuterium gas to infuse this structure in the core. What Dr Arata overlooked was the ‘oscillations’ created by the Zr particles while under pressure from the Deuterium gas. My Invention predicted this type of structure; an Crystalline Oscillator with the Palladium Core. And my invention, when build will be more effective.

Patent link:

Please Review the Yahoo Group for my Paper that was created with Mathematician Frudley Fromentin

The Paper is 10+ pages long, and I don’t think it can be posted here

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