Reflections from Iceland | Halley Hughes

Halley Hughes discusses the population decline of puffins aboard the National Geographic Resolution.

Halley Hughes

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Biodiversity, Climate, Storyfest 2023

Six Storyfest winners just arrived back in the United States from a weeklong expedition to the western shores of Iceland. From roaring waterfalls, dormant volcanoes, and frigid seas, the landscapes of this Arctic country were a dramatic parallel to the high stakes of climate change. With so much to reflect upon, we wanted to give each Storyfest winner an opportunity to share what this experience has taught them, and to discuss their own unique position in the world of science communication and storytelling. 

In this video, Storyfest winner Halley Hughes, of the University of Arizona, reflects on the beauty, charisma, and dwindling populations of Arctic Puffins. 

A special thank you to Lindblad Expeditions for their continued partnership with Planet Forward and for sponsoring our Storyfest winners as they traveled across the rocky coastline of Iceland, interviewing experts, and creating their upcoming stories. An additional ‘thank you’ goes to Icelandair for sponsoring the students’ air travel.

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