Don’t Speed Up, Slow Down

Don’t Speed Up, Slow Down
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Promote the idea of not accerlerating to red lights. Make the promotion a national compaign. Some people do it now to help them save gas, but the more people are conscious of the idea, the more the idea will be part of our driving habit.

Do not accelerate to red lights. Bad driving habits, people who tailgate, untimely lane changes contribute to traffic congestion, which causes smog, bad air, inefficiency,wasted time and wasted fuel. Smooth traffic flow helps all. You do not have to build anything. Promote the idea as a massive transit system in their own vehicle. As we move into the future, control traffic will be part of our transportation system. Let us start now acclimating the public. Research studies on traffic in different parts of the country can be done by various groups to prove the idea.

William Wheeler

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