Denim Redone: Making sustainable fashion choices at home

Denim Redone: Making sustainable fashion choices at home

Camille Watts

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As I embark on my journey toward sustainable fashion, my article “Denim Re-done: Making ethical fashion choices at home” sheds light on the eye-opening reality of the fashion industry I both adore as a medium for my self expression, but which also poses challenging negative impacts on our environment.

Discovering that each pair of denim jeans guzzles a staggering 3,781 liters of water, made me rethink how I could use my old jeans that I no longer wore. In the whirlwind of fast fashion, where trends come and go at lightning speed, I’ve embarked on a personal project.

It’s about more than just repurposing forgotten garments; it’s a journey of rediscovery and sustainability within my own closet. Collaborating with my mom, we’ve transformed overlooked pieces into new treasures, challenging the status quo of consumption and embracing a future where every garment tells a story of renewal, not waste.

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Layers of denim on the title slide for the presentation called, "Denim Redone."
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