Could Yellowstone and Other Magma Sites Power Cheap, Speedy Transportation?

Could Yellowstone and Other Magma Sites Power Cheap, Speedy Transportation?
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Molten magma exists all over the world. It has never been used for anything. 3p corp holds the patents for its use and high-speed tunnel pipe (one of its best uses).

Objects move through outer space with no resistance. Objects move in evacuated inner space with little resistance. Magma pipe sections, 16-feet diameter by 50-feet long with pressurized O-ring lap connections and Maglev track on ledges carry the independent electric cars. No need to make up or break down trains of cars.

A car can go from San Diego to Bangor or or Seattle to Tampa by itself. The cargo transfers itself at the appropriate junctions to go the most economic route. Stationary windmills supply the electric power to move the electric cars on the flat and uphill. The motors become generators on the downhill sections. Of course the wind doesn’t blow all the time, but when it is strong, water could be pumped into high lakes to run electric generators when there is no wind. In other words: Put big wind mills on the peaks and saddles, dig lakes in the peaks and let the wind pump the water into the reservoirs for future electric generation.

The Yellowstone area has immeasurable magma. It has been thought for some time that the magma might erupt. Vertical steel pipe forms will be erected in lines or clusters, utilizing the natural pressure to fill the molds with possible pump assist. Hardened magma pipe will be laid over onto skeleton rail cars for transport to the assembly sites. Continuous magma ledges 90 degrees apart support the rails and may be automatically adjusted to keep the cars running smoothly in line. The big plus, of course, is being able to use a very strong material in both compression and tension that is so widely available. There is no point in using expensive metals when magma in compression is available. Plenty of testing will be done to obtain the best designed uses. It might be called the Magma Age as the earth is full of it even as it has never been used.

Lou Watson
3P Corp.

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