This is now: The climate crisis at Middlebury College

This is now: The climate crisis at Middlebury College

(Lucie Rochat)

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My inspiration for this project stemmed from the issue of inaction that occurs both globally and on this campus. Here at Middlebury, we have this awesome, ambitious environmental plan, Energy 2028, but many students have not taken the initiative to learn about it at all and many don’t feel the need to do their part. There is a gap between caring about climate change and actually taking action. Students, including many of my own peers, express concern about the planet, but are still unwilling or unmotivated to get involved in any form of climate activism or change their lifestyle in any way. I believe this gap between caring and taking action occurs because people separate themselves from the issue, both physically and temporally. I am telling the stories of the students in our community who have been affected by climate change. These videos show how the climate crisis is present in our community. My intention is to inspire action and motivate students to get involved in Energy 2028.

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