Barrels of Tumbling Compost

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My mother told me to never waste food, but little did she know how literally those words would be taken. There are countless reasons to compost, but most people don’t do it out of fear of the flies, the smell, the ugly piles of compost material in your yard and the inevitable labor it takes to shovel the compost in order to aerate it and allow it to breakdown. But a compost tumbler conceals the compost in its drum and does all the hard work for you. A compost tumbler allows the compost to process faster because it aerates it productively, so you will have compost that is ready to use within a couple of weeks rather than a full season. Compost adds to soil productivity as it enriches the soil, it can eliminate the need for fertilizer, and it produces higher yields of agricultural crops. Why not start composting using a compost tumbler today? It is fast, simple, and can revolutionize what you can do in your small garden in the city, or on a large country farm. 

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