Are You Ready for 2050?

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Do you know what the world will look like in 2050?

It seems like every week a new statistic is released to indicate the dire consequences of climate change on the world of 2050 – a world most alive today will have to live through. Yet only 40 percent of Americans believe that climate change will affect them personally and only 32 percent think that global warming will harm them personally a great deal or a moderate amount.

We took to the streets of D.C. to see what people know of the possibilities of climate change in their lifetimes. Check out our video to see what folks had to say. Here are a few facts (of what’s in store in just 37 years) that didn’t make the cut as were editing:

What do you think of this picture of 2050? What are you doing to prepare for a world unlike one we’ve seen before? Join the conversation below! Also, check out this clip of some people’s unique ideas about 2050. Let’s just say the climate was not on everyone’s mind.

Asthaa Chaturvedi is a senior majoring in International Affairs at The George Washington University. Jenny Rabago is a junior majoring in Journalism and Biological Anthropology at The George Washington University.

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