Announcing our Storyfest 2022 finalists!

Storyfest 2022
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Storyfest 2022

The competition for the title of Storyfest winner is incredibly tough this year. After much deliberating from our committee of judges, we’re excited to announce the best of the best: this year’s Storyfest finalists. The winner of each category will be announced at the Planet Forward Summit on April 7. Here are our finalists:


Navigating climate change through song: A Q&A with Pinegrove’s Evan Stephens Hall

Ryan Bieber, Ithaca College

Plantita Power: Microgreens in the District

Jennifer Cuyuch, George Washington University

Should you be taking pictures of roadkill?: Citizen science aids research efforts

Clarice Knelly, SUNY-Plattsburgh

‘I built my dream’: Southeast Asian woman grows local food, cultural acceptance in Missouri Ozarks

Lauren Ulrich, Indiana University Bloomington


‘Coastal Child’: A video essay on ocean conservation and education

Kaitlyn Copland, Eckerd College

‘Coastal Degradation Through Fresh Eyes’: A picture book come to life

Delaney Graham, SUNY-ESF

Welcoming our feathered neighbors

Paula Milenkova and Maya Thompson, University of California, Berkeley

Ice plant = Climate change

Kamryn J You Mak, Middlebury College


Water Is Life (Tó éí iiná): Groundwork to Solving Water Inequity on the Navajo Nation

McKenzie Allen-Charmley, Arizona State University

Essay | How trees can save a drowning desert

Farzona Comnas, George Washington University

What does $3 million of seaweed look like?

Michaela Compo, George Washington University

College food insecurity: Eating away at student success

Connor Kuerbis, University of Wisconsin-Madison

As Arizona agriculture runs dry, new irrigation tech could help

Diana Quintero, Arizona State University


Eternity is upstream: A call for salmon habitat protection

Claire Babbott-Bryan, Middlebury College

A tale of two mountains: Battling climate change and wildfires at home and abroad

Ryan Bieber, Ithaca College

Bats are facing an epidemic of their own: White-Nose Syndrome

Helen Bradshaw, Northwestern University

ISO: Roommate that pays rent in nutrients & water

Michaela Compo, George Washington University

Planting seeds of mental health wellness in the face of COVID-19 stressors

Poonam Narotam, Northwestern University


Breakthrough research takes a step toward converting carbon dioxide pollution into fuel

Hannah Krantz, George Washington University

Mammoth resurrection may be a climate solution. Should it be?

Skylar Epstein, George Washington University

Hope flows through the heart of Tucson: The Santa Cruz River Heritage Project

Halley Hughes, The University of Arizona

Fishing harbors community; development and climate change threaten it

Carter Weinhofer, Eckerd College


Congratulations to all our finalists — and a huge thank you to all the students who entered this year. Who will be our winners? Watch the Summit to find out.

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