A map is worth a thousand words

Young woman in a green shirt and black cap holds binoculars and stands next to a man in a neutral shirt and cap in a forested area next to a body of shallow water.

(Courtesy of Joann Talano)

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Conservation, Science Communication, Storyfest 2022

Orginally published by Naples Botanical Garden.

The only way we are going to change the world is by changing people’s perceptions and ways of thinking. Mapping is an immensely powerful tool for both visualization and conservation purposes. One can summarize, analyze, and layer data in ways that deepen the understanding of a problem and offer innovative solutions. Yet the value of GIS technology and maps is either overlooked or not known by the public. Words like “geospatial” and “cartography” sound complicated and scary. My StoryMap aims to make the power of maps accessible to people. To educate in a creative and inclusive way. It invites readers into the world of data visualization, mapping, and conservation. My hope is to spark curiosity, and challenge readers to see the world around us, not like a flat pancake, but a rich, layered tiramisu ready to be explored.

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