5 Ways to Increase Fuel Mileage and Performance

5 Ways to Increase Fuel Mileage and Performance
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The fuel costs are continuously increasing these days. So, the best way you can reduce your expenditure on fuel consumption is to increase the fuel mileage. It may seem a conflicting thought when you think about increasing gas mileage and enhancing the performance of your car at the same time, but it is not unattainable.

If you follow the correct steps then you can achieve both together. For this purpose, you may have to make some investments at the initial stage. These investments can be a little heavy on your pocket, but you will see the difference soon. Some ways to increase your fuel mileage is discussed below:

1. Fit an Air-Filter in your Car – Fit your car with an air-filter. Make sure that you purchase the air-filter which is suitable for your car. After you have the correct air-filter, exchange it with the old one that your car or truck has. As you change the air-filter system, change the induction system as well. You can do this work by yourself and save some money by purchasing. This new filter system will allow an increased amount of air to flow to the engine. The appreciated flow of clean air will amplify the combustion and in turn, the performance of your car and fuel mileage will be enhanced.

2. Purchase a Good Exhaust System – Fit in an exhaust system in your car that will increase its performance. These systems are a bit expensive, but they are a good investment. A performance-exhaust system has less number of bends. Thus, the engine does not have to put in greater effort to pump out the fumes. This enhances the efficiency of the engine and the Motorcycle fuel pump. As a result of this you will get an improved mileage and horsepower.

3. Fit a Power Chip in your Vehicle – This chip tugs at the electronic control system of your automobile. This modifies the working of the engine. As the engine works more efficiently, you will get better mileage and an enhanced horsepower.

4. Reduce the Weight of your Vehicle – It is very important to cut down on the weight of your automobile. The weight of the car will obstruct the efficiency of the engine. This in turn will reduce the mileage and the horsepower. You can cut down on the unnecessary accessories and heavy wheels made of steel. You can use alloy wheels to reduce the weight of your tires. Don’t use over-sized tires.

5. Check the air in your tires – Make sure that the tires have right amount of air all the time. Less inflated tires give rise to greater amount of friction. Engines work harder to compensate for this. This reduces the efficiency of the engine. The mileage and horsepower will decrease as well. For better performance of your car fill the tires with correct amount of air and maintain it at all times.

These are the various ways in which you can increase the mileage of your car. This enhances the overall performance and efficiency of the automobile. Though these modifying parts can be a little expensive, but, you will reap their benefits as well. The expenses on your fuel will come down as a result of better mileage and horsepower.

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