Salon 4: Whose Food Is It Anyway? Digesting the Food Story

Salon 4: Whose Food Is It Anyway? Digesting the Food Story

February 12, 2015 -­­ 8:30am to­ 10:30am
Middlebury College,­­ DC Office
1400 K Street, NW, Suite 1225 Washington, D.C., 20005

Telling the Food Story

Planet Forward and the GW School of Media and Public Affairs facilitated a dialog on media coverage of food and agriculture.

Key Questions Include:

  • How do we cover such a broad topic in a way that better informs the public, yet holds government and the private sector accountable?
  • What technologies, policies and advancements should the public know about, and how can it be conveyed to a public that is generally disconnected from agriculture?
  • What media diet can:
    • Provide journalism that meets the needs of an open society?
    • Meet the industry’s needs (difficulties) to reach consumers?
    • Amid a new media revolution, meets the needs of a journalistic operation to get eyeballs

Salon Series

The Planet Forward Salon Series connects thought­leaders, researchers, innovators and students in a focused conversation on solutions and innovations. Moderated by Planet Forward host and creator Frank Sesno, approximately 30 participants consider and discuss best practices to address food security, water, energy and climate issues. Content and ideas from the community are shared and considered during salons.

Feeding The Planet

Feeding The Planet launched in 2013 to highlight challenges and solutions in areas of food and nutrition security. Through media, discussions, and events, the initiative helps identify the biggest challenges to feeding 9 billion people by 2050 and introduces innovators to high­level influentials.

About Us

Planet Forward engages young people and innovators in search of solutions to the biggest challenges facing our planet. Produced by the Center for Innovative Media at the GW School of Media and Public Affairs, Planet Forward uses web, video, social media, television and events to empower new voices, elevate compelling ideas and lead a global conversation on the planet’s future.