DRAFT | Planet Forward AI Policy

As the use of Large Language Models (LLM) and other AI tools continues to grow, students may feel incentivized to use such tools in the productions of Planet Forward stories. However, due to issues concerning lack of accountability, short cuts to learning, and factual accuracy; certain uses of AI are prohibited on Planet Forward in line with current journalistic standards.

DRAFT | Planet Forward AI Policy
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Planet Forward acknowledges that AI tools will become increasingly embedded in the storytelling process and that some tools are more assistive than generative. All permissible uses of AI tools must include stated acknowledgment and describe the capacity of use.

Whenever possible we encourage contributors to use conventional research methods and their own thinking throughout the storytelling process.

Further guidance on journalistic standards and policies:

Prohibited uses of AI

We prohibit the use of:

  • Full sentence text created with generative AI writing tools. (ChatGPT, GrammarlyGO, etc.)
  • Attributions citing LLM tools. (You cannot cite ChatGPT as a source.)
  • AI as an author in a story’s byline.
  • AI as a fact checking tool. Because AI’s capability is limited by the data it has been trained on, LLMs are not 100% accurate or up-to-date.
  • AI generated sounds or images that are not clearly captioned and described as such.

Permissible uses of AI

You may use AI tools:

  • To help brainstorm ideas.
  • As a thesaurus or spell checking tool.
  • To create images that capture an idea otherwise impossible to be photographed, which are clearly labeled as AI images.
  • To assist in aggregating primary sources during the research process.
  • As a transcription service, but all quotes must be edited and verified manually.

Examples of acknowledging permissible uses of AI

  • As the footer to an article.

ChatGPT was used in the creation of this story to help brainstorm ideas for appropriate analogies that would help describe the complexity of nuclear fission to a general audience.

ChatGPT was used in the creation of this story to help vary word choice by acting as a thesaurus and writing supplement tool.

  • As the caption to an AI generated image.

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  • As a lower-third text box on any AI generated video material.

AI video generated by Sora.ai.


Please reach out to editor@planetforward.org regarding any AI questions.