The Art of the Audio Interview

Interviewing takes a lot of skill and it is especially important when your subject’s voice is central to the audience experience.


The Art of the Audio Interview

For impactful and engaging audio interviews, follow these guidelines:

  • Pre-Interview Preparation: Engage in a pre-interview conversation with your subject to establish rapport and gain insights into their speaking style and personality. A phone or in-person conversation can provide valuable information.

  • Seek Compelling Personalities: Prioritize individuals with engaging personalities who can captivate listeners. Look for their ability to express emotions, tell stories effectively, and keep the audience engaged.

  • Avoid Over-Rehearsed Responses: Refrain from asking the exact same questions during the pre-interview and the actual interview. This ensures a more authentic and spontaneous conversation. Provide an outline of the topics instead.

  • Research and Preparation: Conduct thorough research on your interview subject and the topics you plan to discuss. This knowledge allows you to ask informed and meaningful questions, demonstrating your understanding and enhancing the quality of the interview.

  • Crafting Question List: Create a list of questions to guide the interview but be open to deviating from it. Begin with basic and comfortable questions before diving into more complex topics. Embrace unexpected responses, ask follow-up questions, and challenge perspectives for dynamic and engaging conversations.

  • Audio Techniques: Test audio equipment before starting the interview to ensure clear and crisp sound. Pay attention to microphone placement and adjust audio levels to avoid distortion or background noise.

  • Incorporate Authentic Sounds and Narration: Capture relevant sounds that can help to further immerse the audience in what the interviewee is discussing. Narration can also be used in addition to an interview to help further explain a topic.

Remember, these guidelines serve as a foundation for your audio interview process. As you gain experience, adapt and evolve your approach, exploring new techniques and styles that align with your storytelling objectives. The ultimate goal is to create insightful and engaging interviews that provide listeners with a deeper understanding of your subject and their story.