Welcome to Planet Forward!

We are a team of student storytellers, innovators, and scientists from across the country. We produce stories that reveal exciting, solution-based ideas about how we can move our planet forward and enjoy a truly sustainable future. Our stories have taken us to the deserts of Jordan, to the shorelines of New Zealand, and to the Navajo Nation.

You can check out all of the inspiring Planet Forward stories on our website here.

Welcome to Planet Forward!

We are looking to expand our network of storytellers, and invite you to publish your work on our platform. There are a couple of ways to do this.

You can get involved as a contributor. This is really flexible, and allows you to submit a story any time you want. You choose the format: Q&A, podcast, video, infographic, written work, even music or art.  Just as long as it tells a story that would move the planet forward!

The other way to get involved is as a Planet Forward correspondent. In this role, you will work with our editorial team and produce three stories during the academic year. They’ll be featured prominently and will become part of your public portfolio. You’ll enjoy opportunities to collaborate with other Planet Forward correspondents, experts, and media leaders around the country, and you will gain exposure as we feature your stories on planetforward.org and across our social media. Apply to be a correspondent here!

While we’re at it, please encourage your school to get involved by joining the Planet Forward campus consortium. This network is made up of diverse universities and colleges from around the United States. They have unique access to our events, workshops, and learning opportunities. They promote our work and can promote your story, too.

Stories have an impact. Storytellers have influence. Raise your voice and join the movement to inform, engage, and inspire the change we need – to move the planet forward.


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