Empowering Indigenous communities in Panama to transcend subsistence living

Empower Natives seeks to uplift Indigenous communities in Panama and address their challenges such as extreme poverty and lack of access to resources.

Gerardo Samara

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In the heart of Panama’s lush landscapes and vibrant cultures, a narrative of resilience and transformation unfolds. Here, amidst the rich tapestry of Indigenous communities – the Guna, Emberá, Wounaan, Bri Bri, Naso Tjërdi, and Bokota – a story of empowerment emerges, transcending the confines of mere survival.

Once bound by the chains of generational poverty and subsistence living, these communities stood at the crossroads of tradition and modernity. It was in this dynamic juncture that my organization, Empower Natives, ignited a beacon of hope, a catalyst for change, and a partner in their journey towards sustainable progress.

I founded Empower Natives to uplift Indigenous communities in Panama and address their challenges such as extreme poverty and lack of access to resources.

Amidst the rustling palms and ancestral whispers, Empower Natives embarked on a transformative quest. They didn’t arrive with ready-made solutions but embraced a vision founded on respect, cultural understanding, and collaboration. They listened intently to the wisdom of elders and the dreams of the youth, recognizing that true empowerment blossoms from within.

With innovation as their compass, Empower Natives introduced a symphony of change. They facilitated workshops on entrepreneurship, gently guiding these communities to see their agricultural endeavors not merely as subsistence but as thriving businesses. Digital tablets, augmented reality, and tailored training became the tools paving the path toward economic empowerment and technological adaptation.

But Empower Natives didn’t stop there. They recognized that progress must weave through the fabric of tradition, not sever it. Cultural preservation became intertwined with each initiative, celebrating age-old wisdom while embracing contemporary innovation.

The narrative shifted – from the struggle to survive to the empowerment to thrive. Economic landscapes flourished; traditional knowledge found synergy with modern practices; communities stood taller, brimming with newfound confidence.

Today, the once-forgotten whispers of these indigenous communities echo louder. Empower Natives, hand-in-hand with the communities they serve, have redefined the narrative. It’s no longer about surviving; it’s about thriving. They’ve sparked a movement where ancient wisdom meets innovation, where subsistence living transcends into sustainable development, and where empowerment paves the way for a brighter, more promising tomorrow.

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