Climbing with environmentalism

Climbing with environmentalism

(Photo by Matthew Johnson)

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Storyfest 2022

Matthew finds himself immersed outside in a natural environment carrying climbing equipment ready to embark on a climbing journey. He introduces himself explaining what rock climbing means to him and how it changed his perspective of the natural environments he interacts with while climbing. He poses five main questions that he is looking to have answered by his interviewees. A short concession of people are introduced explaining some aspects of what rock climbing means to them.

Traveling to Buffalo, New York Matthew goes to Niagara Climbing Center which is the climbing gym that sparked his love for the sport. We are introduced to Sam Adams and Jake Handerhan who are employees at the gym as well as lifetime climbing friends to Matthew. Matthew interviews them as they bring up insightful and particular events that gave them a deeper appreciation for the natural environment because of their relation with rock climbing. After, Matthew reflects on his conversations and begins to question who else has had a similar experience.

Bob Zinni, who is an arborist and lifelong friend to Matthew finds himself in the spotlight as they converse about the topic uncovering similar experiences. Then, we are introduced to Kevin Floss who is the director of the Western New York Access Coalition and a friend of Matthew. Digging deeper it is uncovered that Kevin and his coalition have had to fight for climbing access in local climbing areas near him. Lastly, we are introduced to Dani Dobrot who is the assistant director of The Climbing Initiative and she helps to tie all the questions and connections Matthews has been having altogether. Matthew reflects on all the interactions he’s had with climbers and discovers that at some point all of them obtained a deeper and positive connection with the natural environment because of rock climbing. – Climbing with Environmentalism (Trailer) – Climbing with Environmentalism (Documentary) 

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