Nuclear Fusion is America’s future (and always will be)

Nuclear Fusion is America’s future (and always will be)
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Fission nuclear produces Gigawatts of power and has done so for 50 years and still gets no respect.

Positive Change should include changing America’s nuclear fuel cycle to Thorium – We cannot continue to improve the condition of people throughout the word without use of nuclear power. None of the renewable energy solutions can be scaled quickly enough to meet current and future energy needs. Alternative Energy solutions are energy experiments for the wealthy developed world that are just too expensive for the requirements of the developing world. Safer, proliferation resistant, nuclear power without the long term high level waste storage problems is needed to power a growing world economy and to allow all nations to provide for and feed their growing populations in peace. These goals are available by changing the nuclear fuel cycle to a Uranium-233/Thorium fuel cycle.

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