High Efficiency, Low Cost AC Motors

High Efficiency, Low Cost AC Motors
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Motor technology has been around for 100 plus years and seems to be frozen in time! So now is the time to bring about some new technologies. AC Motors use to be built utilizing copper bars and steel laminations in their rotors. This was very labor intensive, so the industry went to cast aluminum rotors to reduce the cost.

The copper rotors were more efficient, but couldnt be cast into the steel laminations. The steel laminations were used to reduce the eddy current losses…….So my idea is to replace the steel laminations with a special blend of powder metal pieces in both the stator and the rotor. Powdered metal is about 1/4 the cost of laminations and can be cast with copper. It also is better at reducing eddy current losses. The result would be higher efficient/lower cost AC motors. I have used powder metal piecs with sucess in DC Motors, ref: US patent #7,700,722

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