Expansion of the Boone Pickens Energy Plan: Conpressed Natural Gas Cars

Expansion of the Boone Pickens Energy Plan: Conpressed Natural Gas Cars
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My idea works with his push to develop our natural gas resources. To remind you that imported oil cost the US $700 billion every year. This transfer of wealth correlates to lost purchasing power of the dollar, economic hardship on our citizens and loss of jobs that lowers our standard of living. By 2020 we will have lost another $10 trillion to imported oil and according to Charles Maxwell, the Dean of Energy Analysts, we will pay $300 a barrel for oil by 2020. YIKES! Facts: coal is the biggest polluter and cars are second. Do you realize that each American consumes 9.5 tons of coal through electricity? Did you further know that Conpressed Natural Gas(CNG) runs 20% of our buses?

The cleanest vehicle is the Honda Civic GX(CNG – car) and it is assembled in Ohio. CNG refitted cars cost around .80 cents per gallon to drive. Now, due to many factors our automobile industry is on life support. They have rescinded their dealership licenses to save costs. These top real estate locations are now mostly eyesores. Why not change them into retooling for retrofitting or refueling for CNG cars? In addition, we can add electric hybrid service for recharging or the selling of batteries and maintenance service. We grow a new industry, provide jobs and foster a cleaner environment. Like this idea? It is just one in my unpublished work,”The Evolution of Democracy: the Book of Multiple Ideas and Predictions.”

Read the Pickens Energy Plan. It can be found on the internet.

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