Become a Story Consumer

Become a Story Consumer

You know that tingling feeling that washes through your veins? 

When you experience something so good it feels life changing?

You can’t grab your phone quick enough to text your friend about it. You have to tell somebody and get them to experience that same feeling.

It could be a podcast, a documentary, an article, a book, a song, or even a single line that makes you pause.

That feeling is the power of stories. That’s what good stories do, they make you think, they make you act, they make you share, they make you feel. To be a good storyteller you must be a good story consumer. How many stories do you experience every day?

Becoming a good story consumer means figuring some things out about yourself. What do you like to think about and how do you like to consume stories? Here are some of my favorite stories and story outlets to get you started. 


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